1. All students must be in the school premises by 8.40 am. Timings for K.G. children are 8.45 am.

  2. Students will not be allowed to leave the school once they enter the school. In case of emergency, parents are informed and the students will be sent home with the parents.

  3. Students must be in school in time. The late comers shall wait outside and are liable for punishment. Habitual late comers (after three warnings) will not be allowed to attend school without the permission of the Principal / Headmistress / K.G. In charge.

Dress Code:

  1. Students must come to school in proper uniform, clean shoes with socks, every day.

  2. Students should come to school with hair and nails properly cut. Boys without proper hair cut will not be allowed to enter the class.

  3. Girls must wear a black hair band in case of short hair. Shoulder length hair must be tied in two ponytails. Girls with long hair must make two plaits as part of dress code.

  4. Students coming to school on non-instructional days must be only in SCHOOL UNIFORM with the Identity Card.


Students found violating the School rules will be SUSPENDED from school, with immediate effect, for 3 days. No excuses will be entertained. This includes

  1. Carrying of cell-phones, I-pods or cameras. Once confiscated shall not be returned back.

  2. Any form of misbehaviour – including damage to school property.

  3. Using foul language

  4. Littering in classes, corridors, campus despite repeated instructions will warrant severe action.

  5. Damaging of school property will be severely dealt with.

Leave Taking:

  1. The school does not encourage leave taking in general.

  2. Application for leave of absence shall be made on behalf of the pupil by his /her parents or guardian and addressed to the class teacher for a period not exceeding two days and to the principal for longer period. Students applying for sick leave may be required to produce a medical certificate.

  3. Long leave will be granted only in the case of emergencies and under unavoidable circumstances.

  4. Leave for attending functions, outstation events etc. should be intimated prior to the leave taking.

  5. If a student requires leave for any part of a day, due to sudden illness or other unavoidable circumstances, he/she should obtain the permission of the Principal in person and will be sent only with the parents.

  6. For all students 90% attendance is absolutely necessary for promotion to the next class.


  1. It is mandatory for students to attend special/remedial classes that have been scheduled in the student’s interest.

  2. Practical work, records and the like must be duly completed and assessed as per schedule, failing which, the student will not be permitted to do the practical work.

  3. Submission of assignments, projects, written activity, both classwork and homework for all subjects should be carried out on the specified date.

Note To Parents:

  1. Parents please ensure that the mobile numbers provided by you are solely attended by you.

  2. Do ensure that your ward brings the School diary daily along with the respective books and materials as per the time table.

  3. Parents are requested to check the school website for regular updates on circulars, announcements etc.

  4. We seek the whole-hearted co-operation of all parents for the complete well-being of your children and request your special monitoring irrespective of school/teachers instructions.




ALL STUDENTS MUST ABIDE BY THIS CODE OF CONDUCT. Any student found violating this CODE will be suspended with immediate effect.