The syllabus as well as Text Books for classes I to IX will be as per the ” SAMACHEER KALVI” programme, Trimester System prescribed by the Tamil Nadu Government.

              Samacheer Kalvi system introduced by the State Government proposes to bring in a uniform syllabus of equitable education to integrate the various school educational systems within the state.  This paves way for quality education to all children without any discrimination based on their economic, social or cultural background.

              The government educational authorities  are periodically updating us on the methodology and pattern of question paper and we assure that there will be no compromise on quality education.



       Excellence in academics is the hall mark of any good institution.  Students at SJNS are fully aware of the fact that excellence cannot be attained easily, nor can be achieved at a single stroke.

        To quote Herschel Walker, “If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat.”

       We have streamlined the testing and evaluation system to ensure that students remain updated and focused, which makes the learning atmosphere more challenging.  The testing pattern involves monthly assignments and midterm tests apart from the terminal examination and formative, summative assessments in case of Trimester pattern.


             Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) method for teaching with Trimester pattern of examination.  This strategic combination was implemented by the State of Tamil Nadu in India with the intention of reducing the book load, learning load and subsequently the load of miscomprehension.  This has impacted not only the learning styles of the students but also enthused the teachers to assess students for learning.  Incidentally the teachers have become co-learners.  Our teachers are all well trained in the execution of this innovative methodology.  It has also opened many avenues for student community to seek knowledge from diverse resources and has motivated them to think on their own and be more creative.